We all know about the gender colour trends, boys should be wearing blues and greens, girls should be wearing pinks and purples. But what is happening to this trend? It seems to be that this trend is no more. We are going into a world now where it does not matter what colour clothes someone is wearing, especially children. We have the freedom to express ourselves how we want to. Companies are even beginning to create clothes which go against these trends. For example boys and men wearing pink jumpers and tops is becoming more fashionable. You also see many more girls wearing baggy clothes, more boyish colours and tracksuits. It is like the roles have been reversed. But no one is complaining. It is amazing how we can all wear what we desire with no judgement. This is how the world is heading and everything is going to become more gender neutral.

With Autumn approaching, it is just as important that we have the right accessories for our babies and toddlers as well as our selves.

An accessory which every baby needs for the autumn is a cardigan. My personal favourite is a knitted cardigan. These are excellent for helping to keep them warm but not too hot. They are also very easy to put on young babies.

Another good accessory to consider is hair bows or bobbles. This is good if you have a little girl with quite long hair. This will help to keep their hair out of their eyes. You can also buy some which come in beautiful autumnal patterns.

Finally, a good option for young babies is a blanket. This can be any kind from knitted to fleece. These will help to keep our young babies warm whilst we head out on autumn walks. Keeping them warm is the main priority through these cold seasons.

You have the perfect outfit chosen for their birthday. But what accessories can you pair with it? I’m here today to give you some accessory ideas.

Hair Bows
Hair bows for little girls are an all-round winner if you can keep them in their hair! There are some amazing places which can make personalised hair bows, especially for birthdays. You could also go to your local store and find one which matches their outfit!

Birthday Badge
A birthday outfit isn’t complete without a birthday badge. This can be a general birthday boy or girl badge, or even a number badge showing their new age. All children love to wear badges, so why not add one to their birthday outfit.

Small clip-on head crowns are perfect for birthday prince’s or princesses. These can again be personalised to show their age.

All of these options are bound to make the birthday child feel extremely special on their big day!

Cake smashes are becoming a more popular tradition for children’s birthdays. We are going to look at some ideas on what your child could wear on their cake smash day.

The most popular choice is a numbered vest. This paired with either a tutu or smart trousers/shorts makes for the cutest photoshoot. Showing off their age on their vest. You can also add matching accessories like flowers or hats to complete the outfit.

Another choice is something themed. For example, if you are having an animal-themed cake smash you could dress them up as an animal, for example, a tiger or bear.

Finally, you can always go for them just being in a nappy. This is the most natural choice. You can let your child go wild with the cake smash. You will not be worrying the entire time that their outfit is getting ruined.

Whichever option you chose they’ll still have a blast.

We have dismantled many gender stereotypes over the last several decades, when it was decided that blue is a colour for boys and pink should be the colour of girls. Women now wear trousers, boys are dancing ballet, expressing their feelings and buying a large amount of hair and skin products like girls. So, if you are looking to store your children’s wardrobe or buy a gift for another kid especially if it is a baby boy you should consider blue for boys. Below is an explanatory factor on that.

When you buy a blue piece of clothing, passers-by will immediately assume that the child wearing it is a boy, just as they would assume that the children in pink clothes are girls. If you choose to buy a “reverse” clothing, you are placing yourself or your child’s clothing recipient on many wrong assumptions and interpretations. So it is necessary to keep up with the blue as a colour for boys.

The birth of a child is a very happy moment in every parent’s life. There is no greater joy than carrying the baby in your hands for the first time and the buzz lasts for weeks, if not months. Today, children are much more knowledgeable because of the variety of toys that are available to them in the market, but that’s also the case with clothing. In fact, there are shops (a.k.a boutique stores) and designers who design children’s clothing and clothing specifically for all seasons.

On the Internet, buyers will come across a range of new black clothing that meets a variety of styles such as rock, punk, fun, designed, and the like. The new black clothing trend for babies is big right now, and it makes parents have a great advantage over the previous generation. When a parent purchases these children’s clothing in a small online children’s store, they will be able to buy them at reasonable prices compared to retail stores and have an outfit that’s unique, trendy and not just baby blue or pink.

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