Parents, parents, parents, if you’re here, it’s the time of the dreaded potty training. Your babies have reached the age where it’s time to get out of nappies and learn where to go toilet. This does not need to be something you fear, just take it one step at a time. We have found it’s best to give your toddler nappy free time, this helps to get them used to the feeling of needing to go toilet. Gentle reminders to sit on the toilet can also help. Just remember accidents do happen whenever you are learning something new, so have lots of cleaning supplies on hand. Most people begin toilet training around the age of 2 years old, but you know your child. If they are not ready, do not force it onto them as this can delay their progression. Your child will show signs of being ready for potty training, this is when you should begin!

A challenge that every parent will face is the simple task of having their children ready on time for the school day. This is a challenge that parents face with children of all ages. Younger children tend to get distracted and want to play, and older children just want to sleep in and not attend school. So, how can you ensure your children are going to be ready for school on time?

One of the things we recommend you do is prepare the night before. By simply having their clothes ready, their school bag and lunch ready make the morning routine just that little bit easier.

We would also recommend that you prepare ahead of time. You should set alarms a couple of weeks before the first day of school to help you and your children get used to waking up at an earlier time. Have them used to the routine of being up and ready to go by a certain time in the morning.

When considering your hospital bag, you also need to pick some essentials for your new baby.

When you are packing your hospital bag for your new baby, one of the many items that you need is baby grows and baby vests. You will need to pack a lot of these items as you never know what will happen with the baby. They may have a poo explosion, they may be sick over themselves, or they may need to stay in hospital for a while. Packing a few of each will be best.

You should also consider packing a special blanket for your baby. This should be one that you have been sleeping within the lead up to the birth. This can help your baby to settle in their bed as they will be able to smell you with them.

Finally, nappies. You need to pack ample nappies as newborn babies will et through these super quick. A full pack of newborn sized nappies should be packed with you.

Getting ready for your trip to the hospital to welcome your new bundle of joy is both an exciting and daunting time. You want to ensure that you pack everything you could possibly need for your hospital bag. So, today we are going to share our list of essential items you do not want to forget in your hospital bag – mum edition!

A Jug!
This may seem like a silly item to pack in your hospital bag but trust me it will be a lifesaver. If you are unlucky enough to need stitches after your birth, more often than not women do need stitches, going for your first wee will hurt. It will sting like crazy but having a jug can help. Fill your jug with warm water to help ease the pain, you can thank us later!

Maternity Pads
After birth you are going to bleed a lot, so your best friend will be maternity pads. These are thicker than normal pads meaning they will be able to hold more and last slightly longer. They will become a lifesaver, you could even invest in maternity pad pants as these will be more comfortable.

Change of Clothes
Surprisingly, women forget about taking a change of clothes or two in with them. You can not predict how long you will be in the hospital after the birth, you may be home the same day, or you may have to stay in for a week or more. Taking changes of clothes will help you to feel refreshed and more human after your birthing experience.

If you are someone who likes to wear make-up, we would recommend taking some with you. Being able to put on make-up after birth will help you to feel more like yourself. As well as helping you to feel refreshed and ready for each day as it comes.

One question that we are constantly asked from mums to be across the nation is whether or not maternity clothes are worth it. The truth is, it depends on you and what you are after. There are both positives and negatives with regards to wearing maternity clothes, let’s discuss some of these today.

On one side of the spectrum, maternity clothes are 100% worth the money. One of the main reasons for this is the amount of comfort they can bring to your pregnancy. It is extremely difficult being pregnant, so you want to wear clothes that fit well and will support your growing bump. This is why maternity clothes have been created, to add extra comfort and support to your daily life. Maternity clothes are designed in a way to support the mum to be with her pregnancy, to still make her feel beautiful whilst rocking her baby bump.

On the other side of the spectrum, maternity clothes can be seen to be not worth the money. With some people even believing that maternity clothes have only been created to get more money out of pregnant mums to be. So, this may be the case, you can be comfortable in your pregnancy without the high prices of maternity clothes. You can simply size up in regular clothing to gain comfort. You can also opt to wear flowy dresses that will not be tight-fitting during the summer months.

Overall, we do believe that maternity clothes are worth the money. They do bring you the extra support that you will simply not be able to gain by sizing up your regular clothes.

If you are a mummy to be, you are likely experiencing the joys of being pregnant through the summer! Luckily right now it’s not too hot, but as the heat increases, we want to be here to help you!

So, here is our Mummy To Be Guide To Surviving Summer!

When you are pregnant, you are likely to feel the heat more than anybody else. You are likely to feel tired sooner than anyone else in your family. So don’t worry about taking it easy. Enjoy relaxing through the summer months as soon you will have your hands full with your little bundle of joy.

Another thing you should consider what you are wearing. We will always recommend light, flowy maxi dresses for freedom and coolness. You should also consider a nice hat and sunglasses for extra shade and eye protection!

Keeping cool when pregnant through the summer is a must, so whatever you do have a drink near you at all times.

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