If your children enjoy cheer leading, they may be interested in a cheer leader lolly.

What you need:

  • Pipe Cleaners
  • Small Pom Poms
  • Hot glue gun
  • Small piece of ribbon

How to make the cheer leader lolly:

Simply wrap the pipe cleaners around the lolly stick, make a pair of arms with the pipe cleaners, then stick a mini pom pom on the end of each arm.

When this idea was posted over the internet, here are some responses this received:

  • “Very cute idea!” – Grace Pepple
  • “My daughter loved it, and now she is bugging me to allow her to do cheer leading.” – Josie Gonzales

Here are some tips when buying maternity clothes. They have been taken from a survey that was taken late 2014.

“The style that I find to be the best for me right now (13.5 weeks) is the ‘underbelly’ or ‘no belly’ styles.” – Jo

“The advice I’ve had from friends is that the full belly panel ends up being the best, so that’s what I’ve gone with. I don’t plan on having separate second and third trimester clothes. Roll panel is nice, because right now I can fold it over and that seems to work well.” – Susan

“I really like the roll-panel for earlier on, but I need the support of a full-panel in later pregnancy — the others feel like they dig into my stomach.” – Michelle

“I have a lot of half panel styles, but the half panel jeans constantly fall down. I tried on full panel and loved them!” – Pamela

“I have some hidden tab jeans which I love because they looked like real jeans. I can loosen them as I get bigger and I think they’ll be good after the baby is born.” – Vande

When buying gifts for newborn babies, people normally make the wrong decisions by buying cloths that will fit the baby at that current time. Something you should think about when buying gifts for newborn babies is to buy something for a few months older. You do this because babies grow so quickly, this will also become useful for the parents to help with their new baby.

The best gifts are also the things you need, even if they aren’t as ‘cute’ as teeny baby clothes. An example of something which would be really useful are gift cards or money, this helps the parent as they could use that money on essentials for their newborn.

A common gift people will end up giving to babies is teddy bears, and although this is a lovely gift, most people may think about giving teddies, the baby will get too many teddies! When planning a gift, make sure it is unique and nobody else will also give one.


If your child is a football fan then they might like a personalised football shirt. You can get personalised football shirts for any team you desire, whether it is a national team shirt (e.g. England, America, Spain), or a local team (e.g. Manchester, Liverpool, Westham).

A nice idea about personalised football shirts is that you could have your name written on the ban or the front of the shirt. This allows the child to show off to their friends and pretend they are actually in the team.

A bad point about this is that sometimes the print can separate from the shirt when it gets washed.


With the summer holiday period rapidly approaching at just under a month away, you may find that you need to begin to expand your children’s wardrobe in light of this fact. This could be because they’ve grown out of their clothes, because they haven’t needed that many outfits because they’ve been wearing their school uniform, or it could be because the clothes they have aren’t really suitable for the summer heat.

There are a few things to do when looking to buy new clothes for your child, and of these, making sure that they have an adequate number of clothes for every weather condition is one of the most important. For the summer period, you need to make sure that they have enough shorts, short sleeved shirts, T-shirts and thin socks, so that they don’t overheat when out playing in the sun.

It can be difficult to follow a reasonably small budget for children’s clothing. As they grow out of clothing so quick, often times you will have to replace their entire wardrobe every year, particularly when they are very young. This can be made easier by having a couple of children of the same sex and close to the same age, as you can always give the youngest the older one’s hand-me-downs (although this practice isn’t always appreciated by them), but still, you can end up spending considerably more money on their clothing than your own.

There are a number of ways in which clothing your children can be made more easy. Including the previous example, you can also go thrift stores, buy non-branded clothing, resize clothes once they no longer fit, and even go to second-hand clothing stores.

Resizing clothing has one big advantage over the other methods, as it helps to make purchasing high quality, fashionable clothes more affordable by extending the lifespan of those clothes. While you can pay for professional seamstresses to provide this service, if you have the skills to do this yourself then the affordability of this method goes up even more.


Unless as a parent you also feel excited by fashion and are always eager to follow the latest trends, you may feel that following baby fashion is a bit pointless. By examining the situation, most would be forced to agree with you; after all, they will grow out of the clothes you buy very quickly and they won’t notice anyway, so why pay a premium?

While this is the case, the benefit of branded and fashionable clothing is often not just the appearance, but also the workmanship and qaulity of materials, which is important for your child’s comfort. High quality clothing using quality materials is going to be more comfortable and less likely to cause rashes and irritation to their skin, so by buying high quality branded and fashionable clothing you get this, plus the benefit of a fashionable outfit for your child.