Easter egg hunts can be fun for all of the family, especially the youngsters. You can usually take some really cute pictures too, especially if they’re dressed up for the occasion. Dressing your son or daughter in a bunny costume or a little chick outfit can be incredibly cute, and you can find these in many children’s fashion stores during Easter time, as well as supermarkets.

You don’t have to break the bank to buy a cute outfit for this one day either, and the memories you’ll make will last a lifetime. It’s one of those occasions where it makes sense to go the extra mile, so if you’re visiting an Easter egg hunt in a park soon, have your little ones dress up in Easter themed outfits and snap away! You can then have some beautiful photos to frame at a later date. That is certainly what we will be doing in a few days time!

It’s almost that time of year again where we all flock to our local high streets or head online to buy everything we need for Christmas day. We’ll spend more money than we’d like but it’s a big celebration, so it’s worth it right? Well yes, you should get involved in Christmas and nowadays heading to the shops or buying online is what it’s all about. That said, there are a few tips to make sure you’re successful in your Christmas shopping:

  • Do your research, and always check stock before it’s too late.
  • Start writing your list now, the clock is ticking!
  • Call it a day when you feel you’ve spent too much.
  • Think about the people you’re buying for, and look at their interests.
  • Ask yourself what you’d like, and put the same effort in for others.
  • Stay happy and merry at all times, even when you’re queuing – we know it’s hard, but try.

Most grandmothers love to knit, and especially if it’s for their own little grandchildren. With winter around the corner and the cold weather upon us, knitted clothing is a great way to keep the kids warm and cosy this festive season.

With so many clothing options, from knitted jackets, romper suits, mittens, hats and slippers to name a few. Get your orders in early, to have some wonderfully knitted outfits for your kiddies this winter. Nothing beats home knitted clothing, as it is both unique and personal.

If you are interested in getting creative too, start knitting with your mother and you will be making piles of winter warmers for your own children and your friends’ children too. If you need some inspiration for knitwear, head on over to Pinterest where you can find new ideas and they usually provide links to knitting patterns for you or grandma to follow too.

It is not uncommon for parents to be, to overbuy on a number of clothes for their new arrival. Parents love to spoil their children and that certainly starts before they are even born. Many parents have a full wardrobe of outfits purchased before their bundle of joy has arrived.

On top of the parents buying clothes for their newborn, they are likely to receive an influx of gifts to welcome the new family member to the world. Most gifts received will be clothing, meaning their wardrobe will be even more bulging than before.

When it comes to buying your newborn their first clothes, you should choose two to three items of clothes as the gifts will make up the rest of what they need. You will soon realise how rapid the little one grows and how quickly they outgrow many items of clothes before they have had a chance to wear them. Save yourself some extra pennies by reducing the number of baby clothes you buy and enjoy your time with your new little baby.

Baby showers were once only known in America, however, the UK has followed this trend and they are becoming more popular than ever.

Baby showers are a great way to celebrate the soon to arrive baby, and help the mother out by getting her a few last minute essentials, such as changing mats, babygrows, mittens, nappies and so much more.

Although the celebration is for the new little bundle of joy, it can also be nice to buy the mother to be a little gift too. Something like a nice bath relaxation soap or some comfortable sleepers that she can take to the hospital.

If you are the host of the baby shower, while your main focus is on the mother to be and the baby, you also need to consider small gifts for the guests too. These gifts can be won during the small games played during the baby shower.

Contrary to popular belief, babies are more acclimated to warm temperature. That said, during summer, babies need not be bundled like burritos, fitted with socks and mittens, and protected by a hat. Equally, since they cannot self-cool through sweating as efficiently as adults, they need to wear as little clothing as possible:

Cotton clothes- In the summer heat, babies should be dressed in as little as possible. Contrary to the belief that babies must be bundled 24/7, it is better if they are dressed in breathable clothes so as to allow the sweat to escape while also cooling them down.

Nappy- If it is really too hot, then dressing baby up in nothing but a nappy is also acceptable. They need to be exposed to stay cool—just make sure that baby does not get too cold in the process.

Cotton Wrap- Lastly, babies sleep better when they are bundled up. When it is time to sleep, wrapping baby in a thin, breathable cloth—wearing nothing but a nappy—is the best way to go.

Always protect your babies skin from the harsh sun, keeping them in the shade and away from the midday sun.

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