Month: December 2016

Many big brands make baby clothes and it’s not surprising with many parents following in the footsteps of celebrities to keep their children ‘looking cool’. That’s a bit of an issue, though, if we’re already showing the importance of big brands at such a young age, all we’re doing is drumming this into them so they want more when they grow up. Spoiling children as babies and focusing on big brands can mean you’re doing the opposite to what you should. Some parents argue that this is the time in their life where they don’t need to wear clothes that look cool. They need to be comfortable and happy, and a baby really isn’t going to care whether he or she is wearing Nike trainers or unbranded sneakers. You also have to keep in mind that they can grow out of a pair of shoes in days, so really, should we be spending as much as we do on big brands? Let us know your thoughts.