Month: February 2017

A child’s first birthday is so special; after all, it has been one full year since your precious angel came into your life! On this special day you naturally wish to give him/her a gift that they will love and at the same time, will be useful. But with the endless choices you have, this isn’t easy, so we have a few gift ideas to make things a little easier:

Pushing and pulling – To help build the coordination and strength of your babies, pushing and pulling toys make a perfect gift.

Fill and spill – Fill and spill toys are great gifts for one-year-old babies at it introduces them to the concept of losing and finding things.

Rocking n Rolling – No matter what type, motorcycle, dolls, or horses, rocking toys helps build balance and strength, and the motion (back and forth) of the toy offers soothing sensory output.

Musical toys – toddlers love music and easily get attracted towards anything that creates music. So any type of musical toys would be loved by them and at the same time will help develop their gross motor skills.