Month: June 2017

While it is lovely to be out and about making the most out of the summer days, it is also important to dress your baby appropriately, as they need to be kept cool and out of the strong midday sun.

Dress your baby in cool clothes that allow their skin to breath, cotton short onesies tend to work well or a cool cotton dress for the girls. Babies find it difficult to regulate their temperature so it is important that we help them to do this. Dress them in a cool cotton hat to protect their head from the direct sun, avoiding sunburn and overheating.

If you have a paddling pool that you want to use to for your baby to play, always make sure it is in the shade and you have applied sun protection cream to their exposed skin. Also, opt for a full-length swimsuit as this will provide your baby with optimum protection from the damaging effects of the sun.