Month: July 2017

Contrary to popular belief, babies are more acclimated to warm temperature. That said, during summer, babies need not be bundled like burritos, fitted with socks and mittens, and protected by a hat. Equally, since they cannot self-cool through sweating as efficiently as adults, they need to wear as little clothing as possible:

Cotton clothes- In the summer heat, babies should be dressed in as little as possible. Contrary to the belief that babies must be bundled 24/7, it is better if they are dressed in breathable clothes so as to allow the sweat to escape while also cooling them down.

Nappy- If it is really too hot, then dressing baby up in nothing but a nappy is also acceptable. They need to be exposed to stay cool—just make sure that baby does not get too cold in the process.

Cotton Wrap- Lastly, babies sleep better when they are bundled up. When it is time to sleep, wrapping baby in a thin, breathable cloth—wearing nothing but a nappy—is the best way to go.

Always protect your babies skin from the harsh sun, keeping them in the shade and away from the midday sun.