Month: October 2017

Most grandmothers love to knit, and especially if it’s for their own little grandchildren. With winter around the corner and the cold weather upon us, knitted clothing is a great way to keep the kids warm and cosy this festive season.

With so many clothing options, from knitted jackets, romper suits, mittens, hats and slippers to name a few. Get your orders in early, to have some wonderfully knitted outfits for your kiddies this winter. Nothing beats home knitted clothing, as it is both unique and personal.

If you are interested in getting creative too, start knitting with your mother and you will be making piles of winter warmers for your own children and your friends’ children too. If you need some inspiration for knitwear, head on over to Pinterest where you can find new ideas and they usually provide links to knitting patterns for you or grandma to follow too.