Month: July 2020

Cake smashes are becoming a more popular tradition for children’s birthdays. We are going to look at some ideas on what your child could wear on their cake smash day.

The most popular choice is a numbered vest. This paired with either a tutu or smart trousers/shorts makes for the cutest photoshoot. Showing off their age on their vest. You can also add matching accessories like flowers or hats to complete the outfit.

Another choice is something themed. For example, if you are having an animal-themed cake smash you could dress them up as an animal, for example, a tiger or bear.

Finally, you can always go for them just being in a nappy. This is the most natural choice. You can let your child go wild with the cake smash. You will not be worrying the entire time that their outfit is getting ruined.

Whichever option you chose they’ll still have a blast.