Month: August 2020

You have the perfect outfit chosen for their birthday. But what accessories can you pair with it? I’m here today to give you some accessory ideas.

Hair Bows
Hair bows for little girls are an all-round winner if you can keep them in their hair! There are some amazing places which can make personalised hair bows, especially for birthdays. You could also go to your local store and find one which matches their outfit!

Birthday Badge
A birthday outfit isn’t complete without a birthday badge. This can be a general birthday boy or girl badge, or even a number badge showing their new age. All children love to wear badges, so why not add one to their birthday outfit.

Small clip-on head crowns are perfect for birthday prince’s or princesses. These can again be personalised to show their age.

All of these options are bound to make the birthday child feel extremely special on their big day!