Month: August 2021

One question that we are constantly asked from mums to be across the nation is whether or not maternity clothes are worth it. The truth is, it depends on you and what you are after. There are both positives and negatives with regards to wearing maternity clothes, let’s discuss some of these today.

On one side of the spectrum, maternity clothes are 100% worth the money. One of the main reasons for this is the amount of comfort they can bring to your pregnancy. It is extremely difficult being pregnant, so you want to wear clothes that fit well and will support your growing bump. This is why maternity clothes have been created, to add extra comfort and support to your daily life. Maternity clothes are designed in a way to support the mum to be with her pregnancy, to still make her feel beautiful whilst rocking her baby bump.

On the other side of the spectrum, maternity clothes can be seen to be not worth the money. With some people even believing that maternity clothes have only been created to get more money out of pregnant mums to be. So, this may be the case, you can be comfortable in your pregnancy without the high prices of maternity clothes. You can simply size up in regular clothing to gain comfort. You can also opt to wear flowy dresses that will not be tight-fitting during the summer months.

Overall, we do believe that maternity clothes are worth the money. They do bring you the extra support that you will simply not be able to gain by sizing up your regular clothes.