Month: December 2021

When considering your hospital bag, you also need to pick some essentials for your new baby.

When you are packing your hospital bag for your new baby, one of the many items that you need is baby grows and baby vests. You will need to pack a lot of these items as you never know what will happen with the baby. They may have a poo explosion, they may be sick over themselves, or they may need to stay in hospital for a while. Packing a few of each will be best.

You should also consider packing a special blanket for your baby. This should be one that you have been sleeping within the lead up to the birth. This can help your baby to settle in their bed as they will be able to smell you with them.

Finally, nappies. You need to pack ample nappies as newborn babies will et through these super quick. A full pack of newborn sized nappies should be packed with you.