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When considering your hospital bag, you also need to pick some essentials for your new baby.

When you are packing your hospital bag for your new baby, one of the many items that you need is baby grows and baby vests. You will need to pack a lot of these items as you never know what will happen with the baby. They may have a poo explosion, they may be sick over themselves, or they may need to stay in hospital for a while. Packing a few of each will be best.

You should also consider packing a special blanket for your baby. This should be one that you have been sleeping within the lead up to the birth. This can help your baby to settle in their bed as they will be able to smell you with them.

Finally, nappies. You need to pack ample nappies as newborn babies will et through these super quick. A full pack of newborn sized nappies should be packed with you.

Having a baby is an extremely exciting time for everyone. But, with summer fast approaching, it can be difficult to know what to dress them in, especially when the weather is so warm.

During the summer months, following guidelines from the NHS, it is important that you dress your baby in clothes that will keep them cool. Choosing outfits that will keep them cool helps to reduce the chances of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

The best choice of clothing for your babies during these warmer months is those that are light and flowy. So, for baby girls, flowy summer dresses that are loose and not too hot. For the baby boys, it’s shorts and a vest, allowing them to stay as ventilated as possible.

You should always put your baby in a summer hat. Now, we know this can be a pain to get them to keep on. But it is important to keep them protected from the sun. Also, always use factor 50 sun cream to ensure they are fully protected from the dangerous sun.

The world has shut down, with only essential shops being open. This means we are having to purchase all of our baby clothes online. This can be extremely challenging. You will discover that baby clothe sizes never seem to match up. They are never the same, it is always a little bit of trial and error. Well, we are going to share with you some of our tips for making online shopping for baby clothes more of a breeze.

To begin with, considering what size clothes your baby is in now. Are these too small for your child? If they are and you need the next size up, shopping online can be difficult. We would highly recommend that if you are purchasing from a different shop order two sizes. One is the same size and one is a size up. This way you can send back the one which does not fit. Some stores, like next, are known for coming up much larger than others.

We all know about the gender colour trends, boys should be wearing blues and greens, girls should be wearing pinks and purples. But what is happening to this trend? It seems to be that this trend is no more. We are going into a world now where it does not matter what colour clothes someone is wearing, especially children. We have the freedom to express ourselves how we want to. Companies are even beginning to create clothes which go against these trends. For example boys and men wearing pink jumpers and tops is becoming more fashionable. You also see many more girls wearing baggy clothes, more boyish colours and tracksuits. It is like the roles have been reversed. But no one is complaining. It is amazing how we can all wear what we desire with no judgement. This is how the world is heading and everything is going to become more gender neutral.

With Autumn approaching, it is just as important that we have the right accessories for our babies and toddlers as well as our selves.

An accessory which every baby needs for the autumn is a cardigan. My personal favourite is a knitted cardigan. These are excellent for helping to keep them warm but not too hot. They are also very easy to put on young babies.

Another good accessory to consider is hair bows or bobbles. This is good if you have a little girl with quite long hair. This will help to keep their hair out of their eyes. You can also buy some which come in beautiful autumnal patterns.

Finally, a good option for young babies is a blanket. This can be any kind from knitted to fleece. These will help to keep our young babies warm whilst we head out on autumn walks. Keeping them warm is the main priority through these cold seasons.

You have the perfect outfit chosen for their birthday. But what accessories can you pair with it? I’m here today to give you some accessory ideas.

Hair Bows
Hair bows for little girls are an all-round winner if you can keep them in their hair! There are some amazing places which can make personalised hair bows, especially for birthdays. You could also go to your local store and find one which matches their outfit!

Birthday Badge
A birthday outfit isn’t complete without a birthday badge. This can be a general birthday boy or girl badge, or even a number badge showing their new age. All children love to wear badges, so why not add one to their birthday outfit.

Small clip-on head crowns are perfect for birthday prince’s or princesses. These can again be personalised to show their age.

All of these options are bound to make the birthday child feel extremely special on their big day!