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Labour, one of the most daunting times of pregnancy for any mum-to-be. Every mum-to-be will of heard labour stories from fellow mothers, this can make the situation even more terrifying. So, rather than scaring you, we want to help you by giving you tips on how to remain calm during labour.

The best way to remain calm is to focus on your breathing techniques. Breathing through the contractions is one of the most effective ways to remain calm. The more you panic and lose control of your breathing, the harder it is going to be to remain calm and communicate what you need.

Of course, labour is going to be painful, it’s not designed to be easy. We recommend ensuring you have a birth plan to follow. This should include all details on pain relief and what you want to happen after birth. This helps you to share your views without needing to communicate clearly through words.

Birth is a scary and daunting time. Now, I’m no professional in sharing tips for preparing for birth, but I can give you what helped me. If you want professional tips, you should speak to your midwife at your next appointment.

Now for my tips. Yes, it’s going to hurt. Just keep in your mind that this pain is going to be worthwhile. At the end of it, you’ll have your beautiful baby who you can take home to enjoy.

With regards to coping with the pain, remember to breathe through it. Breathing will help you to stay on top of the pain and be less anxious. If you find you can’t take it, accept all the pain relief the midwives offer you. It’s there to help you, they’re there to help you get through it.

Finally, remember to listen. The midwives are telling you what to do for your safety. If they say push, you push. If they say walk, you go for a walk. It’s all in your best interest.

Parents, parents, parents, if you’re here, it’s the time of the dreaded potty training. Your babies have reached the age where it’s time to get out of nappies and learn where to go toilet. This does not need to be something you fear, just take it one step at a time. We have found it’s best to give your toddler nappy free time, this helps to get them used to the feeling of needing to go toilet. Gentle reminders to sit on the toilet can also help. Just remember accidents do happen whenever you are learning something new, so have lots of cleaning supplies on hand. Most people begin toilet training around the age of 2 years old, but you know your child. If they are not ready, do not force it onto them as this can delay their progression. Your child will show signs of being ready for potty training, this is when you should begin!

A challenge that every parent will face is the simple task of having their children ready on time for the school day. This is a challenge that parents face with children of all ages. Younger children tend to get distracted and want to play, and older children just want to sleep in and not attend school. So, how can you ensure your children are going to be ready for school on time?

One of the things we recommend you do is prepare the night before. By simply having their clothes ready, their school bag and lunch ready make the morning routine just that little bit easier.

We would also recommend that you prepare ahead of time. You should set alarms a couple of weeks before the first day of school to help you and your children get used to waking up at an earlier time. Have them used to the routine of being up and ready to go by a certain time in the morning.