Dressing Your Newborn Baby In Summer

Having a baby is an extremely exciting time for everyone. But, with summer fast approaching, it can be difficult to know what to dress them in, especially when the weather is so warm.

During the summer months, following guidelines from the NHS, it is important that you dress your baby in clothes that will keep them cool. Choosing outfits that will keep them cool helps to reduce the chances of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

The best choice of clothing for your babies during these warmer months is those that are light and flowy. So, for baby girls, flowy summer dresses that are loose and not too hot. For the baby boys, it’s shorts and a vest, allowing them to stay as ventilated as possible.

You should always put your baby in a summer hat. Now, we know this can be a pain to get them to keep on. But it is important to keep them protected from the sun. Also, always use factor 50 sun cream to ensure they are fully protected from the dangerous sun.