Hospital Bag – What’s Needed For Mums To Be?

Getting ready for your trip to the hospital to welcome your new bundle of joy is both an exciting and daunting time. You want to ensure that you pack everything you could possibly need for your hospital bag. So, today we are going to share our list of essential items you do not want to forget in your hospital bag – mum edition!

A Jug!
This may seem like a silly item to pack in your hospital bag but trust me it will be a lifesaver. If you are unlucky enough to need stitches after your birth, more often than not women do need stitches, going for your first wee will hurt. It will sting like crazy but having a jug can help. Fill your jug with warm water to help ease the pain, you can thank us later!

Maternity Pads
After birth you are going to bleed a lot, so your best friend will be maternity pads. These are thicker than normal pads meaning they will be able to hold more and last slightly longer. They will become a lifesaver, you could even invest in maternity pad pants as these will be more comfortable.

Change of Clothes
Surprisingly, women forget about taking a change of clothes or two in with them. You can not predict how long you will be in the hospital after the birth, you may be home the same day, or you may have to stay in for a week or more. Taking changes of clothes will help you to feel refreshed and more human after your birthing experience.

If you are someone who likes to wear make-up, we would recommend taking some with you. Being able to put on make-up after birth will help you to feel more like yourself. As well as helping you to feel refreshed and ready for each day as it comes.