One question that we are constantly asked from mums to be across the nation is whether or not maternity clothes are worth it. The truth is, it depends on you and what you are after. There are both positives and negatives with regards to wearing maternity clothes, let’s discuss some of these today.

On one side of the spectrum, maternity clothes are 100% worth the money. One of the main reasons for this is the amount of comfort they can bring to your pregnancy. It is extremely difficult being pregnant, so you want to wear clothes that fit well and will support your growing bump. This is why maternity clothes have been created, to add extra comfort and support to your daily life. Maternity clothes are designed in a way to support the mum to be with her pregnancy, to still make her feel beautiful whilst rocking her baby bump.

On the other side of the spectrum, maternity clothes can be seen to be not worth the money. With some people even believing that maternity clothes have only been created to get more money out of pregnant mums to be. So, this may be the case, you can be comfortable in your pregnancy without the high prices of maternity clothes. You can simply size up in regular clothing to gain comfort. You can also opt to wear flowy dresses that will not be tight-fitting during the summer months.

Overall, we do believe that maternity clothes are worth the money. They do bring you the extra support that you will simply not be able to gain by sizing up your regular clothes.

If you are a mummy to be, you are likely experiencing the joys of being pregnant through the summer! Luckily right now it’s not too hot, but as the heat increases, we want to be here to help you!

So, here is our Mummy To Be Guide To Surviving Summer!

When you are pregnant, you are likely to feel the heat more than anybody else. You are likely to feel tired sooner than anyone else in your family. So don’t worry about taking it easy. Enjoy relaxing through the summer months as soon you will have your hands full with your little bundle of joy.

Another thing you should consider what you are wearing. We will always recommend light, flowy maxi dresses for freedom and coolness. You should also consider a nice hat and sunglasses for extra shade and eye protection!

Keeping cool when pregnant through the summer is a must, so whatever you do have a drink near you at all times.

Having a baby is an extremely exciting time for everyone. But, with summer fast approaching, it can be difficult to know what to dress them in, especially when the weather is so warm.

During the summer months, following guidelines from the NHS, it is important that you dress your baby in clothes that will keep them cool. Choosing outfits that will keep them cool helps to reduce the chances of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

The best choice of clothing for your babies during these warmer months is those that are light and flowy. So, for baby girls, flowy summer dresses that are loose and not too hot. For the baby boys, it’s shorts and a vest, allowing them to stay as ventilated as possible.

You should always put your baby in a summer hat. Now, we know this can be a pain to get them to keep on. But it is important to keep them protected from the sun. Also, always use factor 50 sun cream to ensure they are fully protected from the dangerous sun.

Traditionally, children are gifted Easter Eggs for the celebration of Easter. But there are so many other options that you can give to children, activities you can do which do not revolve around giving them chocolate. In this article, we are going to share some of these alternatives with you.

It is important not to forget the true meaning of Easter Sunday. The Bible side of this celebration where Jesus died on the cross for us. Some people still head out to church on Easter Sunday to recognise this. Another side to Easter which you could consider taking part in with your children, ensuring they know both the publicised and Bible Easter Sunday meanings.

There are many companies that offer alternatives to chocolate Easter Eggs. With one of the alternatives being Books. Some companies can provide you with Easter-themed books and stories. Ones which can tell you the story of Easter, and others which are more entertaining for the children, such as activity books.

Arts and Crafts
Another option to do instead of a general Easter Egg Hunt is arts and crafts. Many stores offer many different Easter crafts which you could do with your children. An excellent alternative to a large selection of chocolate is a hamper of arts and crafts which can keep the children busy all day long, without making them feel sick from a sugar rush.

Small Eggs Over Large Eggs
Of course, you can still buy your children Easter Eggs. A good alternative to large Easter Eggs is purchasing smaller Easter Egg Hunt packs. These give your children the feeling of hunting for lots of eggs, being given a large number of eggs. Yet the amount of chocolate will be lower, and you can limit them to eating one small egg over one large egg and they will still be happy.

Christmas is one of the most wonderful times of the year, with parents especially enjoying purchasing gifts and goodies for their children. But is it possible for us parents to go overboard at Christmas?

Of course, anyone and everyone can go overboard at Christmas but it is more common with parents and their children. Parents love to buy children presents and give them what they want. But the term going overboard and spoiling your children should be used loosely. This entirely depends upon you as a parent and what you consider overboard. For some their children will only receive a small selection of gifts, wheres others will receive much larger piles. It is important to remember that we all have our own views and not to judge other parents as it is our own personal choice. It is easier for parents with children to go overboard, but it is important to not forget that most people will go overboard for a loved one.

The world has shut down, with only essential shops being open. This means we are having to purchase all of our baby clothes online. This can be extremely challenging. You will discover that baby clothe sizes never seem to match up. They are never the same, it is always a little bit of trial and error. Well, we are going to share with you some of our tips for making online shopping for baby clothes more of a breeze.

To begin with, considering what size clothes your baby is in now. Are these too small for your child? If they are and you need the next size up, shopping online can be difficult. We would highly recommend that if you are purchasing from a different shop order two sizes. One is the same size and one is a size up. This way you can send back the one which does not fit. Some stores, like next, are known for coming up much larger than others.

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