Baby showers were once only known in America, however, the UK has followed this trend and they are becoming more popular than ever.

Baby showers are a great way to celebrate the soon to arrive baby, and help the mother out by getting her a few last minute essentials, such as changing mats, babygrows, mittens, nappies and so much more.

Although the celebration is for the new little bundle of joy, it can also be nice to buy the mother to be a little gift too. Something like a nice bath relaxation soap or some comfortable sleepers that she can take to the hospital.

If you are the host of the baby shower, while your main focus is on the mother to be and the baby, you also need to consider small gifts for the guests too. These gifts can be won during the small games played during the baby shower.

Contrary to popular belief, babies are more acclimated to warm temperature. That said, during summer, babies need not be bundled like burritos, fitted with socks and mittens, and protected by a hat. Equally, since they cannot self-cool through sweating as efficiently as adults, they need to wear as little clothing as possible:

Cotton clothes- In the summer heat, babies should be dressed in as little as possible. Contrary to the belief that babies must be bundled 24/7, it is better if they are dressed in breathable clothes so as to allow the sweat to escape while also cooling them down.

Nappy- If it is really too hot, then dressing baby up in nothing but a nappy is also acceptable. They need to be exposed to stay cool—just make sure that baby does not get too cold in the process.

Cotton Wrap- Lastly, babies sleep better when they are bundled up. When it is time to sleep, wrapping baby in a thin, breathable cloth—wearing nothing but a nappy—is the best way to go.

Always protect your babies skin from the harsh sun, keeping them in the shade and away from the midday sun.

While it is lovely to be out and about making the most out of the summer days, it is also important to dress your baby appropriately, as they need to be kept cool and out of the strong midday sun.

Dress your baby in cool clothes that allow their skin to breath, cotton short onesies tend to work well or a cool cotton dress for the girls. Babies find it difficult to regulate their temperature so it is important that we help them to do this. Dress them in a cool cotton hat to protect their head from the direct sun, avoiding sunburn and overheating.

If you have a paddling pool that you want to use to for your baby to play, always make sure it is in the shade and you have applied sun protection cream to their exposed skin. Also, opt for a full-length swimsuit as this will provide your baby with optimum protection from the damaging effects of the sun.

How important is it to read to your new little bundle of joy? We say it is very important.

Buying story books for your baby is a great idea, as you can read to your little one every night. The more you read to your baby the quicker they begin to recognise your voice and a strong bond is formed. Although they may not understand the story as new born babies, the more you read to them the more they begin to develop and understand language, tone and even body language. As they start to grow older, they will be able to join in with reading the stories with you and eventually this will lead to them reading to you. Reading is a great skill to learn as early as possible as it will only improve their development.

Buying books which also include touch and feel components, such as fur or velvet, further improves their development as it gets them learning and interacting as curiosity starts to kick in.

We love baby showers. It’s a celebration that gives soon-to-be-parents and their child useful items to help them get ready for a new chapter in their lives. That said, while it’s great for the parents, it can be tricky for guests to come up with gift ideas but don’t worry we’re here to help.

Feeding Pillow

A maternity feeding pillow is an excellent gift for a nursing mother who requires comfort and convenience when feeding her child. With a firm support, such a pad will help in lessening the strain on the back, neck and shoulders.

Baby Cradle

A compact and robust baby cradle will help the baby sleep with ease. Go for a cradle that comes with a soft cotton cushion to provide the much-needed support to the newborn.

Baby Bath Time Accessories

Gifting bath time accessories is a nice idea as these will be without a doubt be put to use when the baby is born. It’s easy t buy hampers that include soaps, shampoos, creams, oils and lotions.

A child’s first birthday is so special; after all, it has been one full year since your precious angel came into your life! On this special day you naturally wish to give him/her a gift that they will love and at the same time, will be useful. But with the endless choices you have, this isn’t easy, so we have a few gift ideas to make things a little easier:

Pushing and pulling – To help build the coordination and strength of your babies, pushing and pulling toys make a perfect gift.

Fill and spill – Fill and spill toys are great gifts for one-year-old babies at it introduces them to the concept of losing and finding things.

Rocking n Rolling – No matter what type, motorcycle, dolls, or horses, rocking toys helps build balance and strength, and the motion (back and forth) of the toy offers soothing sensory output.

Musical toys – toddlers love music and easily get attracted towards anything that creates music. So any type of musical toys would be loved by them and at the same time will help develop their gross motor skills.

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