Tips For Remaining Calm During Labour

Labour, one of the most daunting times of pregnancy for any mum-to-be. Every mum-to-be will of heard labour stories from fellow mothers, this can make the situation even more terrifying. So, rather than scaring you, we want to help you by giving you tips on how to remain calm during labour.

The best way to remain calm is to focus on your breathing techniques. Breathing through the contractions is one of the most effective ways to remain calm. The more you panic and lose control of your breathing, the harder it is going to be to remain calm and communicate what you need.

Of course, labour is going to be painful, it’s not designed to be easy. We recommend ensuring you have a birth plan to follow. This should include all details on pain relief and what you want to happen after birth. This helps you to share your views without needing to communicate clearly through words.