What Should I Gift My Child This Easter?

Traditionally, children are gifted Easter Eggs for the celebration of Easter. But there are so many other options that you can give to children, activities you can do which do not revolve around giving them chocolate. In this article, we are going to share some of these alternatives with you.

It is important not to forget the true meaning of Easter Sunday. The Bible side of this celebration where Jesus died on the cross for us. Some people still head out to church on Easter Sunday to recognise this. Another side to Easter which you could consider taking part in with your children, ensuring they know both the publicised and Bible Easter Sunday meanings.

There are many companies that offer alternatives to chocolate Easter Eggs. With one of the alternatives being Books. Some companies can provide you with Easter-themed books and stories. Ones which can tell you the story of Easter, and others which are more entertaining for the children, such as activity books.

Arts and Crafts
Another option to do instead of a general Easter Egg Hunt is arts and crafts. Many stores offer many different Easter crafts which you could do with your children. An excellent alternative to a large selection of chocolate is a hamper of arts and crafts which can keep the children busy all day long, without making them feel sick from a sugar rush.

Small Eggs Over Large Eggs
Of course, you can still buy your children Easter Eggs. A good alternative to large Easter Eggs is purchasing smaller Easter Egg Hunt packs. These give your children the feeling of hunting for lots of eggs, being given a large number of eggs. Yet the amount of chocolate will be lower, and you can limit them to eating one small egg over one large egg and they will still be happy.